Meet Our Muses

Meet Our Muses

David Wagner

David Wagner

When we began work on the concept for Intoto—a place where new artists could reach their fullest potential—I had a consistent inspiration in my heart throughout the process: my daughters, Coco and Ava. The enthusiasm and wholeheartedness with which they pursue their passions and life at large have been the guiding energy behind the Intoto concept. It is my great privilege as a salon owner to guide and witness the evolution of young artists, and Coco, Ava and I are all thrilled to introduce a space specifically designed for them to flourish.

Coco Wagner

Coco is currently studying New Media Design at Jonkoping University in Sweden. A salon industry native, she’s had the opportunity to be involved in NY Fashion Week projects, in addition to assisting with social media development for JUUT and Intoto. She also curates a blog  about her life in Sweden which you can find at

Coco was inspired by the idea of a new brand that focuses on providing beauty within reach and talented young artists, and accordingly has been involved with Intoto from the start. She acted as artistic director when launching the Intoto brand and helped with model selection, photographic direction, and wardrobe. She will continue to contribute design and branding elements, music selection, and inspiration.

Ava Wagner

Ava is a freshman at Bard College in New York and an accomplished artist whose preferred mediums include welding, sculpture, charcoal drawing and painting. She has honed these skills through several years of study at Interlochen Center for the Arts, and we look forward to showcasing her work throughout Intoto.

Ava is also a passionate advocate for human rights with a focus on women’s rights, and the environment. She is an intended Political Studies and Global International Studies major. Her commitment to building a better world is one she very much shares with the Intoto team. She looks forward to continuing to pursue her joint passions of art and activism at Bard as well as integrating them into Intoto’s culture.

Beauty within reach.